Dominate Amazon with AMZ Tracker & Unicorn Smasher

AMZ Trackerwhich allows you to see daily data points over a variety of different tools.

Rankings Tool 

You can track any product, such as your competitors or a new item you're looking into and see the daily trends of their rank, be it up or down. The Rankings tool tracks their product position for any keyword you set. 

Sales Tracking Tool 

See the estimated daily sales of your competitors by using the Sales Tracking tool. Check out the trends of the products and have a more detailed view of their estimated sales history. 

Negative Reviews Tool 

You can monitor your competitors products to see what the buyers are saying about them.  This gives you the dislikes of the potential buyer, downfalls of a competitor's product offering and any additional flaws of the products make/manufacturing.  

Use the negative review tracking for future for market research on new product/niche ideas, by using the information to build a better widget and they outsell the competition with a superior product. 

On Page Analyzer Tool 

Why not analyze your competitor listing and see what you can learn from their copy to improve yours. We analyze their title and description to see how they are tracking against our proven content/copy metrics. 

So, why not come over and trial AMZ Tracker, free on our 10 day trial, and get the INSIDE EDGE on the other Amazon sellers.

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