Getting Started With Searches

Once you've download the extension and successfully added it to your Chrome browser, it's time to get smashing!

  1. Go to
  2. Enter a search term into the Amazon search bar And hit 'Enter' (or click the magnified glass icon). 
    • Don't select any category or filters. 
    • Make this search as specific or general as you'd like.
      • Examples: shoes, women's shoes, red lace shoes.
      • Or even 'women's shoes' in inverted commas to search for the exact phrase match. 
  3. Once the search results page loads, click on the 'Unicorn Smasher' icon on your Chrome browser.
  4. The extension pop out window will appear and automatically start analyzing the data. Please wait for it to finish.
  5. Once the data has finished analyzing, you can then:
    1. Add the search results to your Unicorn Smasher dashboard so it becomes a Saved Search.
    2. Sort the data results by clicking on the column headings.
    3. Click to see the 'Next Page' of search results.
    4. Filter the data results using the 'Filter' function. 
    5. Export the data 'To CSV'.
    6. Or simply move on to a new search!  Click on the 'X' on the top right corner to close the extension.

See our Understand the Extension Dataarticle to better understand the data, columns, and what it all means.

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